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Best Ever Online Lending Advice 2 of 2

Best Ever Podcast: Different Ways to Fund Your Flips

How to get a rehab loan for first time real estate flipper

Forget hard money lenders. Online lenders and real estate crowdfunding companies are changing the way real estate investors access rehab loans to grow their businesses. In the accompanying Best Ever Podcast, CEO and Founder of Fund That Flip discusses with one of our borrowers the pros and cons of different types of capital sources.

Podcast Summary

  1. Pros and Cons
    Bob, our borrower, refers to us as the Goldilocks of lending. See how we're not "too hot" or "too cold" but "just right" for certain types of projects.

  2. Finding Lenders
    Learn where to find potential lenders and how to vet them as potential long-term partners.

  3. Building Relationships
    Behind the online lender is real people. Get to know them, do your due diligence and build a long-term relationship.

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