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Investor Insights - Episode 3 - Our Funding Philosophy + Deal Case Study with Jon Andrews

A behind-the-scenes look at investing with Fund That Flip

Welcome to Investor Insights! In this ongoing series, we give an insider’s view into how the business works, from underwriting and risk mitigation, to monthly loan performance, and beyond. You will hear from leaders within the organization who are driving day-to-day operations. We also answer your Frequently Asked Questions about investing with Fund That Flip, so that you can make better investment decisions with your hard-earned capital.

This episode features Jon Andrews, our Senior Vice President of Sales and Service, who lays out Fund That Flip's philosophy for funding loans. Hear why we primarily don't compete on price or leverage but instead focus on flexibility, consistency, and speed. We also discuss how we tailor the loan structure according to what each borrower is seeking to accomplish and how we balance that with protecting our investors. Finally, hear a case study of Deal 19939: 1822 Fulton St., including the execution, project, and liquidity risks we considered when funding this deal.

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