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Today Fund That Flip, the New York City- and Cleveland, OH-based real estate fintech platform and hard money lender, announced its acquisition of FlipperForce. FlipperForce is a leading analysis, project management, and financial tracking web-based software solution for residential real estate entrepreneurs.

FlipperForce, a leading web-based SaaS platform for redevelopers and builders, is now powered by hard money lender, Fund That Flip.

The acquisition will further enable Fund That Flip's dedication to empowering real estate entrepreneurs to grow their real estate portfolios and create value for the communities in which they operate. The addition of the FlipperForce SaaS solution also accelerates its mission to become the leading end-to-end destination for real estate entrepreneurs. FlipperForce also ultimately strengthens the company's underwriting and due diligence, so lenders can make better-informed investment decisions.

Project Management Software for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

FlipperForce is a leading SaaS solution for thousands of real estate entrepreneurs throughout the U.S., helping them save time, streamline project management, and ultimately increase profitability on their real estate investment deals.

Unique, powerful tools available on the FlipperForce platform include:

  • Rehab Estimator: Easily and conveniently estimate repairs with a database pre-loaded with common repair costs. 
  • Flip Analyzer: Analyze a flip before you buy to help determine your maximum purchase price so you always get a good deal. 
  • BRRRR Calculator: Analyze your Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, and Repeat deals, and calculate your short-term equity and long-term returns.
  • Task Manager: Create custom checklists to project manage your deal, or use the FlipperForce pre-made templates
  • Document Manager: Keep loan docs, deeds, and other important docs in one place.
  • Track expenses, create SOWs, and more!

As part of the acquisition, Dave Robertson, founder of FlipperForce and house flipper himself, has joined the Fund That Flip team.

quoteWe couldn’t be more excited to be joining Fund That Flip,” said Robertson. “Fund That Flip has been a leading innovator in the real estate investing space, leveraging technology to empower investors, and we’ve been impressed by their growth and mission. Bringing FlipperForce into that ecosystem will further the relationship-based customer experience both companies have prioritized above all else.” 

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