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New Monthly Distribution Payment Process

April 13, 2020

At Fund That Flip, we’re constantly working to make your investing experience even better. As we noted in previous communications, this month we are rolling out a new monthly distribution payment process. March interest payments will be paid directly into your default payment method or Fund That Flip Wallet. 

If you would like to change where you receive distributions, you can set your default payment method on your entities page here. Your entities page will look similar to this:  



Your default payment method may be your Fund That Flip Wallet. 

  • To withdraw money from your Wallet, you will need to connect a bank account.
  • Bank account ownership must be verified using micro-deposits before an account can be set as a default payment method.
  • Once you set up a bank account, you can set your preferences to deposit distributions directly into your bank account or keep in your Wallet for future investing.
  • Each entity has its own Wallet and designated default payment method. Be sure to add accounts and set your preferences for all entities.

Click edit next to your default payment method to select another option:


You can also view FAQs about our new payment process here.

Still have questions? Contact our team at, or call 646-895-6090 ext. 512.

Thanks for your continued support. We appreciate your business and feedback! Email us at to schedule a call with a member of our investment team, ask a question or provide feedback.

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