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The IMN Single-Family Rental Forum

December 19, 2019


At the 8th Annual IMN Single-Family Rental (SFR) Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona, key real estate figures from all over the United States came to discuss all the new happenings in the single-family rental investment world. From multiple panels, roundtables throughout the day, and even the happy hours, the conference provided useful content to allow attendees to generate new ideas for real estate investing in 2020.

One major topic was the future of the economy and real estate. Our CEO Matt Rodak moderated a panel discussion about the risk of another recession happening and the future of the economy. One takeaway is that many experts do not believe this next recession will hit the real estate market as hard as the previous one did. One panel member, Greg Rand from Renters Warehouse, said, “I think it’s very important to separate a general recession in the economy with a housing downturn.” Even if we do hit a recession in these next coming years, it is believed that it will not necessarily affect the housing market like the last recession did.

Along with that, the panel also brought up the misconception that millennials do not want to be homeowners. Mike Tamulevich from Marketplace Homes discussed how affordability and student debt are often factors in choosing to rent instead.

The panel then wrapped up with common myths that are overheard in the housing market today. One of the myths discussed was, “If you build it, they’ll buy it.” Another panel member mentioned how quality construction is still important and that the millennial generation is very particular in what they want, especially in terms of location and amenities. The product has to be the right fit for the market you are serving. 

From networking throughout the conference floor to gaining valuable leads, the conference was a valuable takeaway for those seeking exposure in SFR. We’re looking forward to applying some of the learnings at the conference to our own lending programs at Fund That Flip.


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