4 Real Estate Flipping Tax Traps You Should Avoid

Our guest blogger today is Thomas Castelli, a CPA, Tax Strategist and member of The Real Estate CPA. He shares his insights on how to save a bundle of cash by avoiding common tax traps.
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2018 Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Conference Takeaways

Last week, we had the great opportunity to attend and speak at the second annual Best Ever Conference in Denver, CO. Hosted by real estate guru Joe Fairless and his team, the conference featured inspiring keynote speakers, lots of networking opportunities with professionals in the industry, fantasti...
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What Does "Pre-Funded" Mean For Your Real Estate Investment?

Fund That Flip "pre-funds" each rehab loan that is available for investment. This means that the loan has already been fully funded with a first-position mortgage by the time you see it online.
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